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Hi! I just want to say, good job! 👍 

Thanks :D


The idea of planning ahead your actions fits well with the fact that you control a space ship and could be pretty fun but for it to not be unfair you have to remove randomness in enemies movement. Each time I shot the fork shaped enemy it felt like luck and not prediction. 

For a 3h game made it has a really nice ambiance though !  

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Thanks for playing :D! And yeah that's really good feedback re: the randomness!


The bullets are pretty slow, but I get it why. And the input delay make the game "laggy" to play and it's a bit out of control.  

I'll also consider the virtual joystick on screen, maybe when the action occours display it, that the left button is in use(and make it more visible when it is, when not) Same with other actions available. Or you could just store a queue of acitons somewhere, so the action could be put in a que and then it will execute the actions with that delay.

But as for such short amount of time, game is really polished in terms of art and sound effects. So good job

Thanks for the feedback and for playing :D

Oh I've just realised something in your comment; the controller on the screen isn't a virtual control that you can click, it's just an indicator of your key inputs, you can only play the game with keyboard, I realise the on screen controller adds a bit of confusion!


I didn't try to use it anyway and I guessed ,that's just only visual indications of what keys you've pressed.

But anyway, It might lead to confusion for some people I think, so I'd maybe indicate, that's just the visual feedback of what  action will take place next