Scriven is a Bullet Hell Typing game

Type to move and uncover hidden words to learn powerful spells.

Music by Joseph Juson

Font: “Alagard”, by Pix3m, licensed under CC BY 3.0

Made for the Bullet Hell Game Jam with the theme: Corruption


Your character is surrounded by letters.

Type a letter you see to move in the direction it's in.

Letters shuffle each time you move.

When enemies are in the room, you'll shoot when you move.

You shoot in the direction you're moving.

At the top of the screen is a hidden word.

Uncover it by typing the right letters.

Uncovering a hidden word will let you choose an upgrade.

Upgrades are letter specific.


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Really good game idea with good execution as well! It's so good!

Thank you so much!


I love this game idea!! Really well done, music and visuals all tie it together very well!! I love it!!!!

Thank you so much, that's amazing to hear!!