Music by Joseph Juson

Background Art by LarryIRL 

It's Halloween! Time to carve some spooky pumpkins!

Left click and drag your mouse on the pumpkin to carve it.

Do your best to match the design in the top left corner!

I'm sure you'll carve some perfect pumpkins!

When you've finished carving your pumpkin you can hit the download button to save a picture of it to keep forever!

Print it out and stick it on your front porch, OR share it on social media with #punkies

Be careful though, plenty of spooks about tonight!

It's Punkie Night tonight
It's Punkie Night tonight
Adam and Eve would not believe
It's Punkie Night tonight

Give me a candle, give me a light
If you haven't a candle, a penny's all right
If you don't, you'll get a fright
It's Punkie Night tonight

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